Tour Trekking Tà Năng Đà Lạt 2 Days | Foreigner

Thời gian:2 ngày 1 đêm

Khởi hành:hàng ngày

Xe di chuyển:Bus

Khách sạn:Camping

Hãng hàng không:VJ/VNA/QH

Day 1 Tà Năng - Enjoy the beauty of the Forest ( - / L / D )

Tour Trekking Tà Năng Đà Lạt 2 Days | Foreigner


04:00 (AM) Pick you up at the rendezvous or depart for Tà Năng. Let’s start the Tour Trekking with Hướng Tiên Tourist .

06:00 (AM) Go to UP Base Camp Tà Năng Sports Center pick-up point. Take a camping tent and rest. Prepare for an exciting hiking.

07:00 (AM) Enjoy breakfast and coffee prepared by Hướng Tiên Tourist, watching the Sun – Early in the morning in the middle of the vast forest, or you can take a walk in the pine garden next to the campsite camp.

08:00 (AM) The guide will guide the safety principles and equip the trekking equipment for you before you leave.
From UP Base Camp Sports Center, you begin your journey to discover Tà Năng. Ride 3 kilometers before the start of the 6 kilometers. The indigenous people’s fields appeared to you.

From time to time, you’ll find some horses or cattle grazing leisurely along the hill. You will cross the pine forest, the broad-leaved forest, and the lush green grass hills, enjoying the beauty of Tà Năng forest mountain.

Lunch:  Lunch in the middle of the road, under the canopy.
Continue to move to check-in to the 3 provinces milestone and then go 6km out of the forest and ride a motorbike to plow 3km back to UP Base Camp Tà Năng Sports Center .
In the UP Base Camp Tà Năng Sports Center. You rest, clean up, and enjoy the sunset. At Camp, we has invested in a tent area with a roof, modern toilets, solar hot water are convenient for you to live in.

Dinner: Next to the warm fireplace in the restaurant area, Hướng Tiên Tourist will devote itself to serving dishes with rich and round mountain flavors.
22:00 (PM) Rest after a long journey.

>> Tham khảo Tour Sinh Thái (Ecotourism) tại đây!

Day 2 To praticipate in plantation ( B / - / D )

07:00 Have breakfast and sip a cup of warm coffee/tea. You walk in the cool green pine hill around the area, learn about people’s lives or walk on the pine hill with your butt in UP Base Camp.

08:00 You participate in meaningful planting activities, planting a good green seed in Tà Năng.

10h00 Pack your bags and return to Da Lat.
The car takes the delegation to Lien Khuong airport or the original rendezvous point.
                                                          See you later!

Note: The attractions in the program tour trekking ta nang will be flexible in accordance with the actual situation.

Guest Car Price
Adult Children
15 Guest    29 Seats 145 $  

Giá Tour Bao Gồm

  1. Modern bus with air conditioning, hotel pick-up and drop-off
  2. Meals:
    1. MainCourse: 02 meal (01 lunch & 01 dinner).
  3. All-day tour guide, tip
  4. Admission tickets to all of the attractions included in the package tour ecotourism.
  5. Bottled water (two 500ml bottled water/visitor/day)
  6. Travel insurance

Giá Tour Chưa Bao Gồm

  1. Horse ride tickets, car rental, other entertainment
  2. Airfare
  3. Hotel
  4. Boat tours on Tuyen lam lake
  5. Other personal expenses
  6. Single room surcharge 83 $/Pax at 3 star hote.
  7. VAT 10%.

Quy Định Vé Trẻ Em

  1. Children 11 or older must pay adult prices.
  2. Children 6 – 10 or taller than 1m3 are subject to 80 % of adult price.
  3. Children younger than 6 are free of charge when accompanied by an adult. (the guardian must be responsible for their meals, entrance fees and incurred expenses)

Please note: Only one child is allowed to travel free of charge for each party of 2 adults. Each additional child will be required to pay 50% of the adult price (that will include 1 meal plan, 1 seat, shared bed with the guardians).

Quy Định Mua Tour và Huỷ Tour

Standard cancellation fee schedule for all trips

  1. 5-0 days prior to departure: 100% of the trip price
  2.  6-10 days prior to departure: 75% of the trip price
  3. more than 10 days prior to departure: 50 % of the trip price
  4. Cancellations made immediately after reservation will be charged 30% of the deposist.
  5. Late or no-show will result in no refund.
  6. Third parties cancellations policies will apply for train tickets and boat tickets.
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Tour Trekking Tà Năng Đà Lạt 2 Days | Foreigner


Time: 2 days 1 night                                                             Car: 29 seats

Departure: daily                                                                   Hotel: Camping

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